Nick Polce is a father, husband, businessman, and veteran.

After graduating college, Nick enlisted in the Army.  From 2002-2014 Nick was an active duty US Army Special Forces Soldier.  The Special Forces are more commonly called Green Berets because of their distinctive headgear.  As a Green Beret, Nick deployed overseas eight times to a variety of different global hotspots where he served honorably and with distinction.  Green Berets are warriors, teachers, mentors, and leaders.  Above all else, they are problem solvers.  Because of their missions and the areas where they operate, they usually work in small teams with very little support.  In the most austere, challenging environments they must solve problems creatively to succeed in any situation against any foe.

During his time on active duty, he worked in some of the most elite military units and civilian agencies.  This experience afforded him unique insights into the highest levels of the United States Government.  In these interactions, he quickly grasped the competing interests and incentives of the different parts of the federal government.  These personal experiences highlighted the significant challenges we as a country face moving forward.  The solution to these challenges lie in the underlying cause rather than the symptom.  Our current political dialogue normally focuses solely on the symptom to score cheap political points.   

After serving in the military, Nick began his life in the private sector as an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and part owner at a risk mitigation firm.  

Nick decided to run for office to remove career politicians.  While this may sound like a cliché, it is true that individuals created the current system in Washington and the right individuals can fix it.  The right individuals include former Green Berets used to operating alone or in small numbers behind enemy lines.  Green Berets are force multipliers.  Nick will be a force multiplier in Washington.    

From his time in the military and then as a business owner, Nick observed first hand the problems that career politicians cause those in uniform and the private sector.  Career politicians implement policy and create laws usually without any direct experience and removed from the impact that their actions have on Americans.    

In contrast to career politicians, Nick's experiences in the military, government, and private sector will guide Nick in his position in the House of Representatives when he makes decisions that ultimately will affect all Americans.   

For the past eight years, Nick has been happily married to his beautiful wife, Karla.  They welcomed their first child in 2016.  The family lives in Lake Geneva. 

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